The Best Wood for Making a Jewelry Box

The Best Wood for Making a Jewelry Box

Jewelry can be a very expenise purchase.

Regardless of the amount of precious metal they contain, your jewelry needs to be kept properly within a good box where dust and rust won’t stain its appearance.

Even though most jewelry is relatively durable, keeping them in tip-top condition will require a quality jewelry box.

The Benefits of Making Your Jewelry Box Out of Wood

A great option to consider when looking to purchase or build a box for your jewelry is wood.

A well-designed wooden jewelry box will never go out of style and can keep your jewelry protected for a lifetime of use.

Here are some suggestions for the best type of wood for jewelry box projects.


Teak is a highly durable wood that boasts an extremely gorgeous grain and is also very easy to work with.

It is also highly resistant to environmental changes in temperature and humidity.

This means that your jewelry box made from teak will be resistant to warping or other issues that excessive heat/cold and humidity/dryness can cause..

Teak wood is also very carve-able, so if you want to do any carved designs on your jewelry box, teak might be the choice for you.


Beech is another fantastic wood material that is great for jewelry boxes.

It features a tight grain that allows it to polish fairly well.

Its light-colored color will enhance any room’s décor since a jewelry box made of beech will boast a highly attractive design and appearance.

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What’s more, beechwood is not only highly durable, guaranteeing premium years of safety for your most valuable assets, but is also very easy to worth with by hand and responds quite well to most power tools.

The Best Wood for Making a Jewelry Box


This is arguably the best wood for a jewelry box, particularly because it is resistant to mold, rot as well as other organisms of decay.

What’s more, this fantastic wood is extremely resistant to the attack of dry wood termites.

Mahogany is a highly durable material that will potentially serve you for an extended period, provided it’s well-maintained.

It boasts a straight grain that is free of pockets and voids.

It has a reddish-brown hue that tends to darken with time and will display an attractive reddish sheen when polished.

Mahogany oozes class and a jewelry box made from it can fit with both traditional and contemporary décor styles.

The Best Wood for Making a Jewelry Box


Famed for its characteristic dark hue and attractive grain patterns, walnut is a solid, strong, and dense wood that is perfect for making expensive furniture and carpentry.

Walnut is not only highly resistant to wear and tear but is also very easy to work with and stains and polishes fairly well.

Douglas Fir

This can be a great option for inexperienced woodworkers who are looking for something that is both relatively affordable and easy to work with.

Douglas fir can vary in color depending on the location of the tree and age.

However, it usually has a light brown color with a hint of yellow or red, with somewhat darker growth rings.

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It is moderately durable in regards to rot and decay, but it can be susceptible to insect attack, so keep this is mind.

In terms of workability, it is very easy to handle and will accept glues, stains, and finishes fairly well.

The Best Wood for Making a Jewelry Box


Poplar is arguably the most common utility hardwood available in the United States.

The heartwood is generally tan but can range from dark green, greenish-brown, purple, yellow, and blue.

Poplar wood is straight-grained and uniform in texture.

It is relatively durable and attractive as well.

For enhanced beauty and elegance, you can apply paint or stain on its surface to give it a modern look.


Well there you have it, a good selection of woods to use for your jewelry box project.

But don’t let this list limit you, a jewelry box can be made from pretty much any wood you have available.

The truly best wood really comes down to your specific preferences and requirements.

To leave you off, here’s a great video to get you started in making your own jewelry box. Enjoy!

(Note: In this video, walnut and zebra wood are used.)

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