Calculating the Cubic Feet of Rough Timber

Rough Timber Cubic Feet

I often buy off of the local Tree Surgeons Branches of various Woods and I have an agreed rate based on a Price per Cubic Foot.

To make Calculation easy I use the small Chart below to find the exact amount for each size that I am purchasing and therefore avoid any disagreement over Price, well almost.

Length  Ft. >12345678910
Diameter ins.<<<<CubicFeet>>>>

I simply sort the Branches by Diameter and then measure the total length and from the Chart I can quickly establish the Volume of Timber in Cubic Feet. i.e. I have 5 Logs approximately all 6″ diameter and with a total length of 18ft, from the Chart I get 1.77ft³(6″ by 9ft) x 2 (to get 18ft) therefore I have 3.54ft³ of Timber.

I carry this around with me, I always have one in my Wallet, one in the Car and yet another in the Workshop and House so I am never without my own little Ready Reckoner, plus a similar one converting Price per Cubic Foot into my Buying Price.

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